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Stance Down Low
Stance Down Low

Tuner Fest Mega Meet

Sat May 27, 2023
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Stance Down Low
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Tuner Fest season opener at the the Kane County Cougars Stadium

Event Details

For this season opener we are going out all out!!! More Sound!!! More Cars!!! More EVERYTHING!!!
The main focus of our Tuner Fest Show Series is on building a better car community for us all to enjoy!!! If you love music & cars then this is your safe space!!!
Our Stance Down Low gatherings exhibit quality, style and flawless execution of passion. These principles along with great music & good vibes translate into an amazing experience

We are looking for the most detailed builds in the midwest to fill up the limited exhibit space. Only 300 vehicles will be chosen to compete for the top trophy awards. Many will apply, only the best will be chosen. We require that you send an application email to [email protected] at the time of registration payment. In the email you must include: at least 4 high resolution photos of the car, along with the vehicle information like year, make, model, and a modification list. Good Luck!


all vendors are welcome, food vendors please inquiry for space is limited.


Tuner of the Festival
Truck of the Festival
Sound Setup of the Festival
Stance of the Festival
Air Setup of the Festival
Interior of the Festival
Stance Down Low’s Pick
Engine Bay of the Festival
Crew of the Festival
2step of the Festival
Low car Limbo winner
2dr of the Festival
4dr of the Festival
Hatchback of the Festival
FWD of the Festival
RWD of the Festival
AWD of the festival
Top 10

-The NO List-

no outside alcohol

no outside drinks

no grills

no revving

no fighting

no drug possesion or use

no weapons

no trolls

no scrubs

no mischief

no flex zone

if you have to ask, then anwser is probaly no

This Epic event is brought to you by

Enjoy the 1st great show of the season with Friends/Cars/Food!

We will have Official SDL merchandise & special event merch available for purchase that includes Tanks tops / T shirts / Hats / & Decals

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