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Redline Tuned Up
Redline Tuned Up

Tuned Up VIP Parking

Sat Mar 09, 2024
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Redline Tuned Up
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Monthly car show by Redline organization

Event Details

Welcome to Tuned Up Car Show, every second Saturday of the month is a celebration of automotive excellence!

Join us for a thrilling showcase of the most finely-tuned, meticulously crafted vehicles from all corners of the PNW automotive world. Whether you're a fan of classic muscle cars, sleek imports, rugged trucks, or high-performance exotics, there's something here to ignite your passion.

At Redline, we pride ourselves on inclusivity, welcoming all vehicle makes, models, and years to our event. From vintage classics to cutting-edge modern machines, every car has a story to tell, and we're eager to hear them all.

Our vibrant atmosphere is fueled by the passion and enthusiasm of car enthusiasts like you. It's not just a car show; it's a gathering of like-minded individuals who share a deep appreciation for automotive artistry and engineering excellence.

Whether you're showcasing your own prized ride, admiring the stunning vehicles on display, or simply soaking in the electrifying atmosphere, Tuned Up promises an unforgettable experience for gearheadsof all ages.

- At this event, awards will be given for VIP cars.

- All admission, general or VIP, can expect to see photography, as well as videography.

- A food vendor will be on site.

Join us every second Saturday of the month and become a part of the Tuned Up VIP community – where the love for cars knows no bounds.