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R2XPO @ NYIAS 2024

Fri Mar 29, 2024 - Sun Apr 07, 2024
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Welcome back! We are happy to announce that R2XPO is in full swing for 2024 and registration is now open. This is your chance to share your ride or rig on the world stage as we welcome both old and new participants to join us this year at the Jacob Javits Center during NYIAS. We are looking for top-tier builds, so please bring your best, and let’s raise the bar with R2XPO 2024. A new year brings a whole new take on R2XPO. We are proud to announce some more key additions for this year's event, so please read this segment carefully, and should you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

Event Details

For the rides section, we will be celebrating the 45th anniversary of the Toyota Supra. For the Supra owners, this is your time to be among the best. We are looking for Supras of all years, so if you have a classic build or the modern Mk5, show us what you got and your Supra could be showcased at R2XPO

For the Rigs, we are looking for 13-15 full offroad and overland builds. These rigs must be outfitted with awnings and tents to be featured in Overland Park. The goal of this Overland section is to provide the public with a glimpse into what overlanding is all about and the kinds of gear enthusiasts regularly use. This section will have its own awards segment.

Expanding to the 4th Floor we will hold a Kei Car Alley. With a smaller section, we thought it would be perfect for enthusiasts of the Kei Car variety. So if you are rocking a Kei car or truck, we would love to have your vehicle displayed to show the Stateside audience how fun and quirky Kei cars can be. In this section, we are looking for 20 vehicles. We will also be presenting an award for this segment as well.

Last year, awards were given to participants via a public voting system, and we had great success with this system so we would implement it again with some advancements. Stay tuned to R2XPO.COM in which voting will be done via our website.

Hope to hear from you soon and if you feel a friend fits any of the sections above, encourage them to apply!

Awards Categories
Best of Show
Best JDM Inspired
Best Track
Best Drag
Best RHD
Best Euro
Best Domestic
Best Overland
Best Offroad
Best truck
Best Kei Car
Best Supra
Best Lowrider