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Founded in 2020, Peaked is an exclusive automotive brand that specializes in delivering unique and unforgettable automotive events. Our team of experts is dedicated to creating events that showcase the passion and excitement of the automotive world, from tuners to exotic sports cars and everything in between. Based in the Rocky Mountain region, Peaked has quickly become one of the fastest growing automotive event organizers in the area. Our reputation for exceptional quality and attention to detail has earned us a loyal following of enthusiasts and fans who look forward to our events with anticipation. At Peaked, we believe that automotive events are more than just a gathering of cars and people - they are an opportunity to create an experience that brings people together, inspires them, and fuels their passion for cars. Whether you're a seasoned car enthusiast or simply appreciate the beauty and power of these machines, we have an event that will capture your imagination. So come and join us at one of our future events and experience the thrill of Peaked. From car shows and rallies to racing events and more, we have something for everyone who loves cars and wants to be part of an exclusive automotive community. ​



 Catfish Policy

Our registration process involves an application fee for the car show, essentially reserving your spot in the event upon approval and payment. It's important to understand that this reservation is non-refundable as it prevents others from participating when the event reaches capacity. Furthermore, if your car doesn't meet the established quality standards, entry will be denied at the gate, and refunds will not be issued. We strongly recommend thoroughly reviewing our Catfish Policy Terms below before applying:

What is the Catfish Policy?

The Catfish Policy is in place to ensure that the actual condition of the cars matches the photos submitted during the application process. We acknowledge that photo editing can conceal imperfections, damages, and subpar workmanship. If your car displays poor craftsmanship or damage not visible in the photos, entry will be denied at the gate, with no option for a refund. You are responsible for providing us with additional photos, including close-ups of any damage, to confirm the condition of your approved vehicle.

Catfish Policy Terms (Not Acceptable):

Poorly executed wrap jobs, such as peeling in more than 1-2 areas or signs of neglect.
Severe "bacon" on fenders/quarters.
Noticeable gaps in body panels.
Significant fading on body panels.
Major body damage or scuffs.
Considerable hail damage.
Medium to large cracks in the windshield.
Inferior quality paint jobs/body work.
Downgrading of wheels.

Please ensure that your car aligns with the Catfish Policy for the event you are applying for to avoid any complications during roll-in and to ensure a positive experience for all participants.