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KCIAFCarshow  (partners with The KCIAF Foundation)

KCIAFCarshow (partners with The KCIAF Foundation)

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KCNMA1-linked Channelopathy Syndrome is caused by a mutation/defect in a gene called KCNMA1 on chromosome 10. The allele frequency of certain pathogenic KCNMA1 mutations in larger populations is estimated to be less than 1 in 100,000 according to the Genome Aggregation Database. This gene is responsible for making one of the hundreds of different proteins that ensures the electrical activity of brain, nervous system, heart and muscle cells work correctly. This is why many of the symptoms involve these specific body systems and the organs that comprise them, and symptoms can range in severity from mild to severely debilitating, including a triad of indicators which include: developmental delays, epilepsy and movement disorders. The focus of this fundraising car show is to help the KCIAF Foundation and their dedicated team of doctors and research teams to achieve three basic goals. These goals are:1. To educate patients, families, the public and the scientific community about KCNMA1-associated conditions2. To encourage and promote efforts to find effective treatments for the wide range of symptoms which can be caused by KCNMA1 mutations, and3. To provide opportunities for patients and families to meet, whether in-person or otherwise, and share their experiencesWe thank you for your attendance at the upcoming car show, and we encourage you to please share invitations to this event with everyone and anyone you know who might be interested in helping and becoming an ally to our cause. HI! My name is Jim. I am not part of the Foundation legally. I do this on my own to raise money and support for the foundation. I am kind of like on the board or advise the board on how to do events. Im the CEO for the KCIAFCarshow's and donate 100% of money earned or received from the events to the KCIAF Foundation. My Fiancé has KCNMA1 and although im doing this with her there is not much that can be done for her in her current condition. But We can to raise money and help make a difference for the kids who battle it everyday.


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