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Ford Car Club Council
Ford Car Club Council

Fabulous Fords Forever 2024

Sun Apr 21, 2024
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Welcome to registration for the 38th Annual Fabulous Fords Forever! Scroll below for all event information! Entry tickets on sale beginning January 1, 2024. Deadline to register for show or drag racing is March 23, 2024.
(in USD)
Spectator Entry - FFF 2024
Spectator Entry for FFF 2024 (Children 12 and Under are FREE)
Ticket good for 1 person only.
Car Show Registration – FFF 2024
Car Show Registration for Fabulous Fords Forever 2024. Purchase includes one (1) Vehicle Car Show + Admission for one (1) Driver. Additional guests must purchase spectator ticket (children 12 and under are FREE). Parking will be "first in" style. Meet and enter with friends and park together!! Show cars will be parked by section. The are 3 sections: Broncos/Trucks/SUVs, Mustangs AND all other Ford/Lincoln/Mercury.
318 Available
Drag Racer Entry - NO TRAILER – FFF 2024
Drag Race Competitor Tech Card for Fabulous Fords Forever 2024. With this purchase, customer receives (1) Vehicle Entry for Drag Racing, (1) Admission for Driver, and (1) Pit Spot 9'x18’ Entries limited. Additional guests must purchase spectator ticket (Children 12 and under are FREE)
Non-competition event, no class racing, open TnT and grudge racing.
13 Available
Drag Racer Entry - TRAILER - FFF 2024
Drag Race Competitor Tech Card for Fabulous Fords Forever 2024. With this purchase, customer receives (1) Vehicle Entry for Drag Racing, (1) Admission for Driver, and (1) Pit Spot 18'x18'. Entries limited. Additional guests must purchase spectator ticket (Children 12 and under are FREE).
Non-competition event, no class racing, open TnT and grudge racing.
$85.00 Sold Out

Ford Car Club Council
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The West Coast's largest all Ford show, celebrating 121 years of Ford as America's car company and 85 years of Mercury, 65 years of the Galaxie, 60 years of the Mustang, and 55 years of the Mach 1, Boss 302, and Boss 429. The show will have FIRST IN PARKING, which means arrive together and park together (if the same type of vehicle) - general parking sections for Broncos/SUVS/Trucks/Vans, Mustangs and All Others. DRAG RACING! Be part of the action!!! You must choose either car show OR drag racing for each vehicle you enter. All drag race entries must adhere to Irwindale Drag Strip Rules and Regulations. See you in April!

Event Details


Presented by the Ford Car Club Council and Ford Motor Company, the show celebrates ALL Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles, from 1903 to current models.

Come celebrate 121 years of the Ford Motor Company and 38 years of Fabulous Fords Forever! Our special display this year will honor 85 years of Mercury, 65 years of the Galaxie, 60 years of the Ford Mustang, and 55 years of the Mach 1, Boss 302, and Boss 429.

There will be music, stage interviews, a FABULOUS Ford display, displays from show sponsors, celebrities & more!

Irwindale Speedway
500 Speedway Dr, Irwindale, CA 91706

If you want to enter your car into the show or to drag race, please get registered, show is limited to 650 cars; drag racing is limited to 85 cars and we expect to sell out. There will be no day of show entries. Day of show spectator entry is available. MUST CHOOSE EITHER DRAG RACING OR CAR SHOW. ONLY ONE (1) ENTRY PER VEHICLE.

This is a rain or shine show. Spectators, show cars and racers can buy your tickets on line. If you are interested in being a Vendor contact Fabulous Fords Forever directly. Race cars will have to pass a tech-inspection and will have to comply with all of the rules and regulations of Irwindale Speedway. This is a family friendly show with children 12 and under free so bring the entire family and get ready for a good time.

All rules and regulations of IRWINDALE SPEEDWAY will be in place.

Due to safety and liability issues all vehicles must remain in place with engine off until 3:00 p.m. No drones, no pop-ups, no tents, no canopies. No burn outs in show field, or entering or departing the show. Of course, burn outs at start of drag race are part of the fun. NO ALCOHOL will be permitted.

We will have lots of vendors on hand for your shopping needs! Our 2023 Show Vendors include:

• Anderson Composites
• Cali Creaming
• California Pony Cars
• Hillbank
• Katzkin
• Audio Extreme
• Original Venice Crew
• Segerstrom Shelby Event Center
• Project6GR Wheels
• Rally Innovations
• Saleen
• Eddie Motorsports
• Empire Auto Detail
• Stang Stuff
• SW Lights
• Vortech Superchargers

Automotive and Ford/Mercury/Lincoln vendors welcome. Unfortunately, no food, alcohol or beverage vendors will be considered.

We look forward to seeing you!


Q: I've heard there will be no class parking at the show for 2024? What does that mean?
A: This is one of the two big changes the show had last year. First, the car show will have three main groupings: Mustangs, Trucks/Broncos/SUV, and All Others. When you enter, you will be sent to the parking area for one of the groupings, then you will park "first-in" style. If you want to park with car club members or friends, you will be able to do so, as long as you are in the same grouping and you come in together. There are no reserved spaces.

Q: Will there be drag racing at the show?
A: This was the second big change for the show. We've had this asked for a long time and were happy to bring drag racing to Fabulous Fords. It was so popular that we'll be having DRAG RACING AGAIN! Come out and earn some bragging rights!

When do the gates open for show cars and drag racers to enter?
A: The gates will open at 7:00am for vehicles entered in the show and will close promptly at 9:30am

Q: Will there be day-of-show registration?
A: Unfortunately, no. The show usually sells out well in advance of the deadline, so please register early!

Q: How much does it cost to register for the Car Show?
A: Registration is $45 per vehicle.

Q: How much does it cost to register for Drag Racing?
A: Registration is $65 per vehicle if you are NOT bringing a trailer. If you ARE bringing a trailer, then registration will be $85. Your vehicle will also need to be inspected by the track safety team to ensure it meets the safety requirements of Irwindale Speedway. Your entry is for your vehicle and driver ONLY. Any additional members of your team will be considered Spectators and are subject to the $20 Spectator charge.

Q: Can I enter both the Car Show AND Drag Racing?
A: No. You must choose either the Car Show OR Drag Racing. You cannot do both.

Q: I have entered my vehicle for the Drag Racing. Where do I enter at?
A: Anyone who enters their vehicle for Drag Racing will enter at the East Gate, which is just east from the main entrance (and just before the I-605 South entrance).

Q: Is there any charge for spectators?
A: Yes. Adults 13 and over will be $20 to enter, Children 12 and under are FREE.

Q: Why the change for spectators?
A: That's a tough one. Due to the change in venue, this was something completely unavoidable, not to mention that other shows of this size also charge for spectator entry. It was an extremely difficult choice for us to make.

Q: Do all of the cars in the Car Show Area have to stay in place until 3:00?
A: Yes. This is both for the safety of the general public and for the vehicle entered. There are NO LINEUPS to leave early. We also strongly discourage people from revving their engines during the show.

Q: Will vehicles in the Car Show be allowed to put up any pop-up tents, canopies, or umbrellas?
A: Unfortunately, no they may not. This is due to safety and liability issues that may arise. There have been many instances in the past where one of these items have toppled and caused damage to a display vehicle. We do, however, allow hand-held umbrellas. If the weather is sunny and hot, we advise anyone attending to plan accordingly.

Q: Can I bring my dog to the show?
A: While we love our four-legged friends, Irwindale Speedway has a very strict policy prohibiting pets on the premises, however they do allow service animals (note: service animals are not the same as "comfort" or emotional support animals). Please be mindful of the weather on the day of the show. Remember, their paws burn quickly on hot pavement. Please be considerate of your pets.

Q: Can we film the show using a drone?
A: Unfortunately, no. Irwindale Speedway has a very strict policy regarding the use of drones on their property. You can take as many pictures and video as you like with your traditional cameras.

Q: Will I be able to park together with my car club?
A: If you wish to park with your friends or car club, we recommend that you get in line as a group and enter the show together. As long as you have the same type of vehicle, you will be able to park together. There are NO reserved spaces.

Q: Can I tow my car into the Car Show area?
A: No. We will not have any additional space available to accommodate a tow vehicle. Note: this is different than towing your car in and off-loading it, then driving (or pushing it) into the Car Show area. We will have a designated area for off-loading.

Q: Where can spectators park?
A: Spectators can park at Irwindale Speedway, in the parking lots available. The attendants will direct you to the spectator parking area.

Q: Will you have parking for vehicle tow trailers?
A: Yes. There will be plenty of parking for those participants who wish to tow their vehicles to the show. As a reminder, NO TOW VEHICLES are allowed in the Show Area.

Q: How soon can registered show vehicles get in line?
A: Many of our volunteers arrive before dawn on show day and have noticed cars beginning to line up. We recommend arriving as early as you are able to, in order to enter and be parked quickly.

Q: If I have a question regarding my entry, prior to the day of the show, who would I contact?
A:  You can call our hotline at (626) 209-9138 or send an email to [email protected]. We will do our best to respond to you as quickly as possible.

: We plan on bringing the family and staying near the venue. Is there a hotel discount available?
A:  Yes, we have secured a discount with the Courtyard by Marriott in nearby Monrovia. Details can be found on our website in the hotel discount page.

Q: I have a really cool display sign that I want to show next to my car. Will I be able to?
A:  While we think these signs are cool, we do not allow any display signs, mirrors, carpeting, or "For Sale" signs in the show area. This is to protect your vehicle from damage and prevent any accidents with spectators.