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We have the lowest ticket fees in the industry!
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No monthly fees, No yearly fees, No restrictive service tiers, No hosting fees, No setup fees, No website maintenance fees and No contracts ever.

We want to give to the motorsports industry, not take! It doesn't make sense to use a standard ticketing service with high fees that doesn't provide the focused services we do.


We pay you for every ticket you sell online.
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We know the challenges you face as a track owner or promoter, which is why we are proud to pay you $.10 for every ticket you sell online through The FOAT tickets. Think of all the ways the money could come in handy. Repave the spectator parking lot. Add bonuses to the cash winnings. Give the track tower that "face-lift" it's been needing. The ideas are endless and it's our way of helping. Our mission is to ticket the world's motorsports events and give back millions of dollars to our clients through FOAT Rewards. By joining our service you will help us fulfill our mission of giving back millions of dollars to the motorsports industry.

Check out our FOAT Rewards calculator and your savings as compared to other services.


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The Price is Simple

When you sell tickets with The FOAT you can pass the fees to the consumer, absorb them yourself or split the fees.

The FOAT Fee

$1.23 + 1.99% per ticket

  • No contracts
  • No monthly fees
  • No setup fees
  • No fees for free events

Credit Card Fee


  • Accept Visa, Master Card, AMEX and Discover
  • We handle refunds if you allow them
  • Dispute resolution
  • No credit card system setup necessary

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