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elevated Koncepts
elevated Koncepts

Beginner clinic/Open Drift

Sun Apr 14, 2024
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elevated Koncepts
Verified Promoter

Presented by Race Region and Stu Kelly Motorsport. We bring you our first beginner clinic.

Event Details

Get 1 on 1 opportunity with experienced drivers of all skill sets to dial in your driving from car control, car setup, and understanding attacking layouts. We will focus on donuts, figure eights, and 3 turn layouts with Manjis.

If you register for the clinic then you are also included into the open drift as well to continue your day on the comp track layout to further your skills and still recieve the option of 1 on 1 passenger/driver experiance to advance your skills.

Clinic 8am till 1:30pm
Open drift 2pm till 8pm

Stu Kelly and Lauren Roemer will be your lead instructors for all beginner clinics for 2024!

Tech Rules:
•Battery tied down and + terminal covered
•Fire extinguisher in vehicle within reach of driver seat
•Harness or seat belt securely mounted, if aftermarket seat must have 4pt harness
•Seats securely mounted
•Snell SA2015 or newer helmet
•No visible leaks
•All lug nuts present
•Convertibles must have rollover structure behind driver and/or passanger
•accessible tow hook
•An awesome time