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Red List Motorsports
Red List Motorsports

The Red List Series XXIII

Sat Apr 01, 2023
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Event Details

This will be round 1 of 3 in our 2023 California Red List Series Championship. Points from each event and each racer will be totaled together upon the completion of the season and the racer with the highest amount of points total from all 2023 events will be crowned the 2023 Champion. Spectators, Racers, Pit Crew, and Car Show will be allowed. Please view tickets for details.

Red List Motorsports brings you the next installment,The Red List Series XXIII Presented by Addiction Motorsports which will be a race and car/truck show that will take place at Famoso Dragstrip. The is now a Red List Motorsports event hosts everyone vs everyone Drag Racing where all racers fight for the #1 POINTS spot on the infamous Red List, $2500 in cash prizes for racers and a exhibit car/truck show for all the sick rides out here! The event expects racers, and show trucks/showcars from all around the West to attend and be part of an epic Saturday of racing! Who will be crowned as the next member of The Red List?

The event draws racers and showcars/showtrucks from all over the Western region competing for a the grand prize and a spot in history. The racing event brings you side by side racing action from just about every type of car from Japanese Imports, Domestics, and exotic Euros in drag racing featuring the top underground, airstrip, and drag race cars in the country! Showcars and trucks will be battling it out for who has the best appeal and look on their rides! All of the online trash talking and bashing ends here; The Red List Series are the proving grounds to take your as one of the most feared racers in the racing world. Reputations will be tested, egos will be burned, friendships will be made, and rivalries will begin!

What: 1/4 mile Drag Racing Competition and Car Show!
When: Apr 1st 2023, Gates open at 7am
Mandatory drivers meeting at 9:30 AM.
Where: Famoso Dragstrip. 33559 Famoso Rd, McFarland, CA (2 hrs north LA, 2.5 hrs south of Bay area)


Deep in the Southern Californian Desert, high horsepower street cars have begun overwhelming the street and track scene up and down the west coast. These cars terrorized the streets and tracks throughout the West yet no proof outside of the region has ever been logged, until now. A list with the idea of housing the best drag racers in the entire West has now been created. History will never forget the most feared racers in the country as they become part of The Red list. Welcome to The Red List Series.

Saturdays Events

For racing, NHRA rules and regulations as far is vehicle and personal safety equipment will be in effect in respect to certain ETs (i.e. Snell Approved helmets, Cages, Fire suits, Fire jackets, etc). We highly recommend fire suits and fire jackets, as well as other safety devices such as a HANSs device and fire extinguisher for all even if its not needed for your particular ET bracket. Show cars will be lined up on a first come first serve bases starting in the outside racing staging lanes and going back into the pit area. Come early to grab your spot quick next to all the action!

The address of Famoso Dragstrip is 33559 Famoso Rd, McFarland, CA

7:00 AM Gates opens
8:00 AM-3:00 PM Tech inspection for racers
9:30 AM MANDATORY Drivers meeting
9:57 AM National Anthem
9:59 AM Drivers, start your engines!!
10:00 AM The Red List Drag Racing starts
12:00 PM Judging begins for The Red List Car/Truck Show
3:00 PM Judging ends for The Red List Car/Truck Show
5:00 PM The Red List Drag Racing ends
5:45 PM Racing Trophy Ceremony, "The Red List Exhibit" Car Show Award Ceremony, The Red List Induction

ONLINE Pricing (register and pay online, gate prices are more expensive)

Spectator ticket (allowed only in the stands & the pits)
Humans (all ages).............. $20

PIT PASS/MEDIA PERSONNEL ADMISSION (allowed in staging lanes, starting line, pits, etc)
Adult (18 or older).............. $35

CAR/TRUCK SHOW ADMISSION (allowed in staging lanes, starting line, pits, etc)
Adult (18 or older).............. $35 (See information way below)


Racer Ticket...........$150 Entry fee (1 Driver/1 Vehicle only )

Racer Ticket(1 Driver/1 Vehicle + 2 pit crew).............$200 Entry Fee

Racer Ticket(1 Driver/1 Vehicle + 4 pit crew).............$250 Entry Fee

VIP RACER PASS......................$50
(Gives you better chance to win the Grand Prize, For racers only, 30 Spots Available, front line pit area and Express lane pass for staging lanes to avoid long lines)

General Pit Area Parking (for racers)......................Free

Grand Prize Comp Saturday

For those that entered the Grand Prize Competition, Saturday is the racers day to shine and their chance to go home with $2500 in cash prizes, trophies, and best of all a spot on The Red List. The highest scoring racer, #1, will take home to prize and become an official member of The Red List.

Scoring system

In order to be ranked, you must score points. Anytime you make a pass quicker than 13.50, win against your opponent, and/or do well on your 60’ or RT you score. Only your first 12 passes are scored. Below is the scoring matrix:

Scores for times
8.99 or faster= 9 pts
9.00-9.49= 8 pts
9.50-9.99= 5 pts
10.00-10.49= 4 pts
10.50-10.99= 3 pts
11.00-11.49= 2 pts
11.50-13.49= 1 pts
13.50 or slower or red light= Forfeiture of points for that pass

Scores for wins/starts/DNF
**Only the first 12 runs of your day will be scored**

Win(Quickest ET between the two)= 3 pts (Extra +3 is only for 9.50-13.49 ET's)

60' quicker than 1.70= 1 pt (Extra +1 is only for 9.50-13.49 ETs)

**RT better than .100 = 5 pt

**RT slower than .500= Forfeiture of points for that pass

Red light or DNF= Forfeiture of points for that pass

Total Point Tie Breaker

If there is a tie in points, the person with the best average reaction time will take the lead over the other.

The Red List Series Prizes
1st place- $1000, Trophy, and induction to The Red List
Quickest American(Domestic)- $500, Trophy
Quickest Foreign(JDM/EURO)- $500, Trophy
Red List Shootout- $500, Trophy

Car rules/regs for The Red List Series
General Safety: All vehicles and drivers with their personal safety gear must conform to the NHRA rules the tech inspection officials at the track enforce. Please review the most up to date version of the NHRA Rulebook online for information.
Body: Any year vehicle is allowed. Lightweight components allowed. You may have a lightweight hood, front fenders, decklid, trunks/hatches, sunroofs, wings, ground effects, roof, quarter panels and bumpers are allowed. One-piece front ends are permitted.
Engine: Any motor is allowed from any manufacturer. No limit on power adders
Chassis: No full tubular framed vehicles allowed to compete for prize money but may make exhibition passes. Back halved vehicles allowed. Notching of chassis for clearance is permitted. Aftermarket K members are permitted.
Suspension: Coil-overs allowed. Aftermarket front control arms, rear control arms, and sub-frame connectors are permitted. Aftermarket struts and shocks are permitted. Wheelie bars are prohibited on any car wanting to compete for Points prize money.
Lights: Brake lights are required (headlights may be removed for induction).
Windows: Windshields must be OEM glass (Rear/Side windows only may be made of lexan).
Interior: Dashboard is required. Passenger seat(s) and other interior panels may be removed. Aftermarket seats, gauges, and interior are permitted.
Exhaust: Exhaust may exit anywhere.
Electronics: Two-steps, transbrake, data loggers, aftermarket ECUs, and engine management systems are allowed. No Bracket/Index racing type electronics that do anything to the vehicle past the launch allowed, NONE.
Driveline: Aftermarket axles, ring and pinions, final drive, spools, and differentials are permitted. Other OEM or aftermarket center sections and rear-ends may be replaced only if is a direct bolt in. IRS suspension cars may convert to straight axle.
Transmission: Manual or Auto transmissions are permitted. Any style automatic transmission is permitted. Trans-brakes are permitted. Manual transmissions are permitted to use aftermarket stock-style clutch assisted transmissions. Sequential transmissions are permitted. Aftermarket bell housings are permitted.
Clutch: Any amount of discs can be used (any type of disk material is permitted). Clutch must be manually operated by drivers foot if car has manual H-pattern transmission.
Shifter: Shifter must be H-pattern to be considered 5 or 6 or 7 speed manual. Strain gauges are permitted. Air shifters are allowed.
Fuel: No limitations on fuel
Fuel System: All fuel pumps are permitted. Aftermarket fuel cells are permitted, and may be mounted anywhere. Also, must conform to the most up to date version of the NHRA rules for specific mile times the vehicles run. Please review the most up to date version of the NHRA Rulebook online for information.
Oiling System: Dry sump oil system or external oil pumps are only permitted on naturally aspirated cars, or if car was OEM equipped with a dry sump and car is using complete OEM oiling system.
Tires: Drag slicks, Drag Radials, and Street tires are allowed. No size restriction any more.
Cages: Must conform to the most up to date version of the NHRA rules for specific mile times the vehicles run. Please review the most up to date version of the NHRA Rulebook online for information.

The Red List Car show Saturday
The Red List Car Show
-Best in show
-Best Domestic
-Best Import
-Best Classic

Scoring based on the following:
-EXTERIOR BODY (How clean?, Cool Mods ?, Paint job on point? )
-ENGINE BAY (How clean?, Cool Mods ?, Paint job on point? )
-STANCE (How extreme is the Alignment and ride height?)
-WHEELS (How Clean?, Relative Size to theme of car?)
-INTERIOR (How Clean?, Proper Gauge set up?, Audio/Video Systems?)

Refund Policy
There will be only credits but no refunds due to our NO REFUND policy. Broken vehicles, missed flights, illness, flat tires, WEATHER, catastrophe or any other failures to participate due to unforeseen or foreseen circumstance will not result in refund. A credit may be given on case by case basis only if its requested 48hrs in advance or more. No credit will be given if not requested 48 hrs in advance from the start of the event. To receive credit, contact [email protected].

Normal Pit area/VIP Pit area
RVs, trailers, and vehicles will not be allowed onto Famoso Raceway grounds until the day of the event. Once on the track property you may pit anywhere you would like outside of the VIP Pit Area and Sponsor area which will be marked off.

Conduct on track premise
Pick up your own trash
Do not mock opponents
No fighting
No burnouts or donuts in pit area
No animals in the staging lanes or on track
No kids unaccompanied without adult under age 12 in staging lanes or on track
No alcohol
5 mph speed limit in pit area and staging lanes
If you do not have proper wrist band credentials(aka not crew), you are only allowed in pit area
No drugs
Just plain and simple, behave yourself at all times

As an attendee of this event, violations to our rules and regulations, but not limited to, may result in being banned from the event without refunds.
Let's have some fun
Thank you everyone who will be attending this event to race, support, watch, and have fun! In all of the hype and excitement, many rivalries will begin and friendships will be made. Make the most of the event, but keep your eye on the prize. Are you ready to make it onto The Red List?


Red List Motorsports