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Truck War 2019: #StreetTruckOutlawz

Sat 09/28/2019



Truck War 2019: #StreetTruckOutlawz

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Drag Racing, Truck Show, Burnout Pit, Cash Prizes, Trophies, Truck War.

Event Details

Truck War 2019 info


The Red List Group and StreetnTrack brings you Truck War 2019: #StreetTruckOutlawz which will be a race and truck show between ALL OF THE MAJOR TRUCK CLUBS in the West at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park on Sep 28th, 2019. The event is a trucks only royal rumble between ALL of the major truck clubs in the west. There will be drag racing for cash prizes and trophies and huge truck show for trophies! The event expects many fans, racers, and showtrucks from all around the West to attend and be part of an epic race and show day! Each event will have points for different trophies and the truck club who accumulates the most points will win the event. Which Truck Club will be crowned the King of Trucks?

The Arizona truck world has been waiting for events like this! The racing event brings you side by side racing action from just about every type of truck from the track racing and street racing world! Showtrucks will be battling it out for who has the best appeal and look on their rides! All of the online trash talking and bashing ends here; Truck War is your new proving grounds. Reputations will be tested, egos will be burned, friendships will be made, and rivalries will begin!

Spectators from all over are welcomed to come witness this event! Bring your friends and family for a fun day at the track. Make sure those cell phones and cameras have enough battery to photograph and record all of the epic races of the day because well be posting the fan submitted favorite races of the day afterwards for millions of people around the world to view! #truckwaraz

What:1/4 mile Drag Racing Competition and Truck Show!
When: Sep 28th 2019, Gates open at 3:00 PM, racing starts at 6:00 PM
(***RAIN DATE: TBD***)
Mandatory drivers meeting at 5:30 PM.
Where: Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park Dragway, 20000 S Maricopa Rd, Chandler, AZ 85226 (5 hrs east of LA, 30 min from Phoenix)

Deep in the Arizona Desert, high horsepower street trucks have begun overwhelming the street and track scene up and down the west coast. These trucks terrorized the streets and tracks throughout the West yet no proof outside of the region has ever been logged, until now. A trucks only event with the idea of housing the best drag racers, burnout performers, and showtrucks in the entire West has now been created. History will never forget the Truck War.

Saturday Events
For racing, NHRA rules and regulations as far is vehicle and personal safety equipment will be in effect in respect to certain ETs (i.e. Snell Approved helmets, Cages, Fire suits, Fire jackets, etc). We highly recommend fire suits and fire jackets, as well as other safety devices such as a HANSs device and fire extinguisher for all. For the truck show the classes are listed way below and we will also be hosting a Burnout Contest after racing is completed. Show trucks will be lined up on a first come first serve basis. Come early to grab your spot quick next to all the action!

Any misbehavior at the event will be punished by banning the individual and most likely their entire Truck Club. Here are items that will have you banned, but not limited to:
-Burnouts around the facility with the exception of the drag racing water box
-Illegal substances
-Speeding in the pits
-Not listening or cooperating with event officials or law enforcement
-And more...

3:00 PM Gates opens
3:00 PM-11:00 PM Tech inspection for racers
3:00 PM-11:00 PM Driver registration
5:30 PM MANDATORY Drivers meeting
5:57 PM National Anthem
5:59 PM Drivers, start your engines!!
6:00 PM Truck War Drag Racing starts
6:00 PM Truck War Burn Out Pit opens
7:00 PM Judging begins for "Truck War" Truck Show
10:00 PM Judging ends for "Truck War" Truck Show
11:59 PM Truck War Drag Racing/Burn Out Pit ends
12:00 AM Event concluded!
12:30 AM Truck War Trophy Ceremony

ONLINE Pricing (register and pay online, gate prices are more expensive)
GENERAL SPECTATOR ADMISSION (only allowed in pits and spectator stands)
Adult (12 or older).............. $12 ($20 at gate)
Kids 1-11................ $7 ($15 at gate)

PIT PASS/MEDIA PERSONNEL ADMISSION (allowed in staging lanes, starting line, pits, etc)
Adult (13 or older).............. $25 ($35 at gate)

TRUCK SHOW ADMISSION (allowed in staging lanes, starting line, pits, etc)
Adult (13 or older).............. $35 (See information way below) ($45 at gate)

Heads-Up/Grudge Match Class Entry Fee.............$50 Entry Fee ($75 at gate)

General Spectator Parking..........................Free
General Pit Area Parking (for racers)......................Free

Drag Racing layout
Quickest ET- $300, Trophy, (20 pts to associated Truck Club)
Quickest Ford- $200, Trophy, (10 pts to associated Truck Club)
Quickest Chevy- $200, Trophy, (10 pts to associated Truck Club)
Quickest Mopar- $200, Trophy, (10 pts to associated Truck Club)
Quickest Import $200, Trophy, (10 pts to associated Truck Club)
Lightning King: Trophy, (5 pts to associated Truck Club)
Street Truck Outlaw King(Quickest ET of the night)
Fastest Female Driver- $100, Trophy, (5 pts to associated Truck Club)
Closest to 10.00: $100, Trophy, (5 pts to associated Truck Club)
Closest to 11.00: $75, Trophy, (4 pts to associated Truck Club)
Closest to 12.00: $50, Trophy, (3 pts to associated Truck Club)
Closest to 13.00: $25, Trophy, (2 pts to associated Truck Club)
Closest to 14.00: $25, Trophy, (1 pts to associated Truck Club)

Street Truck Outlawz:
Some of the Top 10 fastest trucks in California will be journeying over to Phoenix Az to take on Arizona's best. If you're in AZ or any other state and want to be on the Street Truck Outlawz Top 10 List, come out and face the best. You will have your chance to call out anyone on the list and try to take their spot. You make the call out, they have to accept it, the both of you figure out the rules between you two, and then race for position on the list.

8, 9, 10, 11, or 12 sec club achievers:
If you and your truck run an 8, 9, 10, 11, or 12 sec pass, you will receive an honorary award for becoming part of the Truck War 8/9/10/11/12 sec club. For example, if you make a 10.6 sec pass, you will receive a Truck War 10 Sec Club award and decal.

Truck rules/regs
General Safety: All vehicles must conform to general NHRA safety rules.
Tires: No tire rules.
Cages: For those who are wondering, According to NHRA Unaltered 2008 OEM model year and newer production trucks running slower than 10.00 and 135 mph do not have to meet the requirements and specifications for the Summit Sportsman ET safety rules except for the following: Convertibles and T-top entries must meet the minimum specifications listed in ET Bracket section for roll bar and roll cage requirement. Vehicles must pass all state highway safety requirements in which the vehicle is registered prior to acceptance. The vehicles OEM installed anti lock brakes, airbag function and seat belts as well as any other related system must be functional as per the manufacturers specifications at all times.. Besides that, conform to the regular roll bar and cage rules for the times you want to run.

Burnout Pit Rules:
Any truck who purchases any Truck Show, Pit Crew, or Racing ticket will have access to the burn out pit to perform donuts for an unlimited amount of opportunities through the night in the designated barricaded burnout box.

Burn outs will be judged and upon the end of the entire event a burnout king will be awarded.

Truck Show layout:
Scoring based on the following
-EXTERIOR BODY (How clean?, Cool Mods ?, Paint job on point? )
-ENGINE BAY (How clean?, Cool Mods ?, Paint job on point? )
-STANCE (How is the Alignment?)
-WHEELS (How Clean?, Relative Size to theme of truck?)

-Best Truck in show, (10 pts to associated truck club)
-Best Chevy Truck (5 pts to associated truck club)
-Best Mopar Truck (5 pts to associated truck club)
-Best Ford Truck (5 pts to associated truck club)
-Best Import Truck (5 pts to associated truck club)
-Deepest Truck Club(5 pts to associated truck club)
-Top 10 Trucks (1 pt to associated truck clubs)

Truck War winner:
Points for each event will be calculated and upon completion of Truck War, a truck club will be crowned Arizona King of Trucks.
-1st place in points, trophy, get crowned Arizona King of Trucks
-2nd place in points, trophy
-3rd place in points, trophy

Refund Policy
There will be only credits but no refunds due to our NO REFUND policy. Broken vehicles, missed flights, illness, flat tires, WEATHER, catastrophe or any other failures to participate due to unforeseen or foreseen circumstance will not result in refund. A credit may be given on case by case basis only if its requested 48hrs in advance or more. If you do not request credit before the event, you will not receive it. To receive credit, contact

Total Point Tie Breaker
If there is a tie in points for the winning Truck Club,we will determine ranking by these items in this order: number of events won, type of events won (Racing events take highest priotity, then burnout contest, then, truck show), and amount of club vehicles present.

Normal Pit area/VIP Pit area/Spectator Parking
RVs, trailers, and vehicles will not be allowed onto Famoso Raceway grounds until the day of the event. Once on the track property you may pit anywhere you would like outside of the VIP Pit Area and Sponsor area which will be marked off. Spectators are reminded that they may not park in pit area unless they have integral pieces of equipment that are needed to prep race trucks.

Conduct on track premise
Pick up your own trash
Do not mock opponents
No fighting
No burnouts or or vehicle donuts at the facility
No animals in the staging lanes or on track
No kids unaccompanied without adult under age 12 in staging lanes or on track
No ALCOHOL, drugs, or illegal substances
5 mph speed limit in pit area and staging lanes
If you do not have proper wrist band credentials(aka not crew), you are only allowed in pit area and spectator stands
No drugs
Just plain and simple, behave yourself at all times

As an attendee of this event, violations to our rules and regulations, but not limited to, WILL result in being banned from the event without refunds.

Let's have some fun
Thank you everyone who will be attending this event to race, support, watch, and have fun! In all of the hype and excitement, many rivalries will begin and friendships will be made. Make the most of the event, but keep your eye on the prize. Are you ready to become Arizona King of Trucks?

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