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Street Car Takeover

Street Car Takeover OKC Fall Showdown Nov. 5-6th

Fri 11/05/2021 - Sat 11/06/2021

Street Car Takeover OKC is back with ROLL and DRAG racing at Thunder Valley Raceway Park November 6th. November 5th will be our famous night meet at Twin Peaks off i40 from 5-11pm Friday night.

Event Details

Street Car Takeover Oklahoma City Presented by Pure Drivetrain Solutions and Nitto Tires is coming November 5-6th to Twin Peaks off i40 and Thunder Valley Raceway Park!

-Drag Racing 9 classes
-Roll Racing 4 classes

Friday November 5th 2021:
Twin Peaks Night Meet
-5pm to 11pm
-Free to all

Saturday November 6th 2021
-Thunder Valley Raceway Park
-$20 for single spectator ticket at the gate, kids 12 and under are FREE. ($25 at gate)
-$50 single day racer (classes are extra)
-Drag racing & roll racing
-Vendor arrival 7:00am-7:30am
-Gates open at 8:00am for racers and show
-Gates open at 10am for spectators
-Drivers Meeting for ROLL RACERS 10:30am SCT BOOTH
-Track goes hot for ROLL RACING at 10:45am
-Roll Racing Eliminations start at 12:30pm
-Roll Racing test n tune 10:45am-2:00pm between rounds
-Driver meeting for DRAG RACERS 2:00pm SCT BOOTH
-2:30pm-9:00pm DRAG RACING
-Test n tune 2:30pm-9:00pm between rounds
-Street Racer Qualifying 2:30pm
-Eliminations start at 4:30pm

-See full rules at
-Street Racer (1/4 mile, heads up, street cars only, requires cruise)
-Street Racer Mild (floating index from heads up) (1/4 mile, street cars only, requires cruise)
-AAD Performance Heavyweight class (4,200lb race weight)
-Small Tire (1/8th mile, no time, 28x10.5/275 radials or smaller)
-Street Outlaw (1/8th mile, no time, must be a door car)
-Monster Clutches Stick Shift class (1/4 mile, heads up, street car, must be H pattern clutch shifted trans and must drive to and from the lanes under its own power)
-Street Truck (1/4 mile, heads up, open to trucks and SUVs)
-FWD (1/4 mile, heads up)
-Extreme Street 10.00 index (1/4 mile, index)
-Daily Driver 11.00 index (1/4 mile, index)
-Daily Driver Mild 12.00 index (1/4 mile, index)

Index classes except Street Racer Mild are INSTANT GREEN. All other classes are .400 pro tree.

Roll Racing classes:
-King of the Bakery (any street car ok to enter)
-150mph Modified Street Class (open to all street cars)
-140mph Mild Street Class (open to all street cars)
-130mph Daily Street Class (new, open to all street cars)

All rolls start from 40mph

Payouts for classes:
-Small Tire $3,500 guaranteed payout 80/20 split
-Street Racer $3,000 guaranteed payout 80/20 split
-HP Tuners Street Racer Mild $1500 guaranteed payout 80/20 split
-Street Outlaw $1,500 with min 6 cars 80/20 split (Must have 6 pre registers before event or we will not run the class)
-Monster Clutches Stick Shift class $1500 guaranteed payout 80/20 split
-Truck/SUV Class $1000 guaranteed payout 80/20 split
-AAD Performance Heavyweight Class $1000 guaranteed payout 80/20 split
-Extreme Street 10.00 index $850 guaranteed payout 80/20 split
-Daily Driver 11.00 index $750 guaranteed payout 80/20 split
-Daily Driver mild 12.00 index $500 guaranteed payout 80/20 split
-King of the Bakery ROLL CLASS $1,500 guaranteed payout 80/20 split
-150mph Modified Street ROLL CLASS $1,000 guaranteed payout 80/20 split
-140mph Mild Street ROLL CLASS $750 guaranteed payout 80/20 split
-130mph Daily Street ROLL CLASS $500 guaranteed payout 80/20 split

Schedule for racing Saturday November 6th
-10:30am Roll racers drivers meeting at starting line
-10:45am track goes hot for roll testing
-12:30pm roll racing eliminations (test n tune rolls between rounds)
-2:00pm roll racing ends
-2:00pm Drag racers drivers meeting at SCT trailer
-2:30pm Drag race testing
-2:30pm Street racer class qualifying
-4:30pm Eliminations (test n tune between rounds)
-9:00pm racing ends unless elimination classes are still going.

Run order for classes:
1.King of the Bakery
2.130mph class
3.140mph class
4.150mph class

Drag Racing
1.Small Tire
2.Street Racer mild/wild
3.AAD Performance Heavyweight Class
5.Monster Clutch Co. Stick Shift
6.Extreme Street 10.00 Index
7.Daily Driver 11.00 Index
8.Daily Driver 12.00 index

Rules can be found at
Host Info: Holiday Inn Express Norman Oklahoma

Rules and classes can be found at