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IRRA / Street Warriorz

Street Warriorz + IRRA National Championship

Sat 10/23/2021


IRRA / Street Warriorz

On October 23, 2021, The best of the Northeast Division and the Southeast Division will battle it out to see who is the world's 1st Roll Racing National Champion! Plus our Verses fun runs and drifting!

Event Details

The best of the IRRA from Florida, New York, New Jersey, Pennslyvania are coming to North Carolina to see who is the best of the best! Roll Racing, Drag Racing, and car show! The best of the best will be out!
All Versus racing will take place during the fun run portion of the IRRA event.
Date: October 23, 2021
Location: zMAX Dragway
6570 Bruton Smith Blvd, Concord, NC 28027
Time: 4pm – 12am
Vendor and car show load-in: 2pm
Tickets on sale soon!
Roll Racing and Digs (Drag Racing) all night long.
No Class Competition, No Payouts.
Just good old fashion fun runs and grudge racing. Race your friends or the guy you met at the track!
Street Warriorz FAQ's
(1) What is Roll Racing?
Roll Racing is exactly what is sounds like. Racers roll onto the drag strip to start the race instead of from a complete stop. Roll Racing mimics a “highway pull” but at the track. You and your opponent can roll at any agreed speed (20/40/55/mph).
(2) Why Roll Racing?
Its just another form of racing people enjoy but we street warriorz has figured out how to enjoy it at the track. Since you are racing from a rolling start, there is less stress on the car, so you won’t have to worry about breaking suspension and drivetrain parts like in drag racing.
(3) What is a "Dig"?
Digs are the same as a traditional drag race. .400 pro tree, 1/4 mile, heads up.
(4) Is there a waterbox for digs?
You can do a burnout in the waterbox BUT it will be a dry burnout. Due to the roll racing, we do not allow water in the waterbox.
(5) Why Roll Racing At The Track?
It allows you to race without having to worry about speeding on unsafe surfaces, hitting public property or innocent bystanders. There is fire and rescue track side should anything happen. In addition, you don’t have to worry about getting arrested and your car impounded. The Legal fees from illegal street racing can get expensive. For spectators, they don’t have to worry about being on the side of the road and getting hit by a car. They can film the action from the comfort of the stands and get a perfect view of the winner/loser. No need to wait for the racing videos to be uploaded to social media. You can see the action live!
(6) Is The Track Prepped?
The drag racing surface is fully prepped, the entire ¼ mile just like in a traditional drag race.
(7) What Type Of Tires Are Allowed?
Any tire types are permitted.
(😎 Can Motorcycles Run?
Yes. Motorcycles can run and race against cars/trucks too!
(9) What Type of Vehicles Are Allowed?
No full tubed chassis cars, no back half cars. No wheelie bars. This is a true street car style event