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742 Marketing Services Inc.
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IT'S A CAR SHOWCar Enthusiast from all over the USA are talking about RACEWARS USA as the first of It's kind. Vehicles from all over the spectrum are joining our tour and experiencing it first hand. Imports, Domestics, Euros, Trucks, Classics, Bikes, Luxury and a vast group of unique builds make our show floor. IT'S A RACING EVENTOur sole purpose in creating RaceWars (RWUSA) is to have a safe and fun event on a controlled track. Have a need for speed? Need to slide around a parking lot? Or test your driving skill on a course? Bring it to RaceWars and battle legally against some of the best. Whether this is your first time or you have faithfully raced with us each and every year, we want to see you out there giving it your all!IT'S A LIFESTYLE & CONSUMER EVENTWith now near Over 40k attendees in total over 5 years, those who have been to a RWUSA event immediately ask for a return date, as it becomes now part of their yearly routine and an event to look forward to. This Lifestyle event is jam packed with entertainment that you won't be able to get a chance to sleep while you wait for awards. We know how important it is for fans or consumers to meet and speak with the brands we all love, it's how our industry continues to grow, we have made it a note to continue to connect you the attendee with our extensive line of sponsors and partners. We encourage all local business to connect with us.


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