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742 Marketing Services Inc.
742 Marketing Services Inc.

JUST VIBES "Hard Parked at the Ridge"

Sat Jul 16, 2022 - Sun Jul 17, 2022
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742 Marketing Services Inc.
Verified Promoter

Featuring the "Hard Parked Showcase" at Global Time Attack The Ridge, Shelton, WA

Event Details

In collaboration with Global Time Attack, you will get to enjoy high speed on track time battles, Drifting Demo's and Ride along's by Lone Star Drift all while your car is showcased in the car show.

Bringing what is being called, “A dream”, “A site worth seeing” and a “Visual phenomenon”, the new Hard Parked Showcase is being received very well by the enthusiast community overall. Formerly known as the “VIP Section”, the Hard Parked Showcase is a car owner’s dream that will allow them to properly exhibit the effort put into each one of their builds. Builds from all over the spectrum will be positioned at flattering angles that easily allow photographers, videographers, fans and other builders alike the opportunity to see the car owner’s hard work with ease. This new format will also allow better visual representation, bringing greater attention to the car’s owners and their fans.

"The Selected Few"
What sets car shows apart? Their vehicles, of course. Showcasing the most innovative, sleek, stylish and unique builds help to bring notoriety to their builders, the enthusiasts and the car show as a whole. The Selected Few, as it will now be known, will further emphasize and aid with motivating new and upcoming enthusiasts who wish to one day be a part of this elite class. This selected collection of car owners take VIP Submissions to a whole new and auspicious level with its exclusivity, which once is achieved, will allow the builder to further cement their name in the pantheon of the car show.

Car Show Features:
- Car meet (Saturday)
- TOP 10 awards (sunday)
- DJ
- Vendors
- Models
- Full Access to Drifting viewing
- Full Access to Global time attack race viewing
and more...