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Palm Beach International Raceway

PBIR Street Car Track Day

Thu 02/03/2022



$150 ADVANCE PURCHASE REQUIRED - no entries will be sold at the gate (FACE MASKS REQUIRED FOR ENTRY)
Driver Entry Registration
Pre-registration for one entry
51 Available
Crew Member Pass
Use this ticket to purchase a crew pass at the same time you are purchasing your entry (NOTE - NO PASSENGERS OR RIDE ALONGS ARE PERMITTED DURING THIS EVENT)
Helmet Rental
MOTORCYCLE HELMETS ARE NOT PERMITTED. YOUR HELMET MUST HAVE A SNELL SA2010, SA2015 OR SA2020 RATING DECAL ON THE INSIDE OF THE HELMET. IF IT DOES NOT, YOU WILL HAVE TO RENT ONE OF OURS. Another way to tell if your helmet is Snell approved is by the color of the chin strap. If the chin strap is yellow, it most likely is Snell approved. Please note that at the present time we do not allow passengers to ride with the driver. Therefore we can only rent helmets to drivers who are registered for the event. - no sharing of rental helmets allowed
We will hold your driver's license when you pick up the helmet until the helmet is returned at the end of the event.
This is a track day event for street legal cars on the Palm Beach International Raceway 2-mile Road Course. $150 PRE-REGISTRATION for this event is REQUIRED. Event is subject to weather, County guidelines and other events. Gates open at 5:00 PM. and the track is hot from 7:00 PM. to 11:00 PM. Spectator entry is $15.

Event Details

Have you ever wanted to drive your own car on a real race track? Here's your opportunity to track your own vehicle at Palm Beach International Raceway. Test your skill and the abilities of your vehicle on our 2-mile, 11-turn road course. It's just $150 per entry. Crew member entry is $15.

This event is restricted to street legal vehicles that are registered and insured to operate on public roads. Proof of registration and insurance will be required. No race cars are allowed. Vehicles must pass tech inspection on the day of the event. Entrants will be divided into three run groups based on each driver's level of track day experience.

Gates Open at 5:00 PM
Event Check-in Open at 5:15 PM
Mandatory Driver's Meeting at 6:15 PM
The track is Hot from 7:00 PM till 11:00 PM

EVENT FORMAT - four 20 minute on-track sessions per run group
TECH DOCUMENTS, WAIVERS and EVENT INFORMATION - These will be emailed to you prior to your arrival. Please make sure you print them out and complete them prior to arriving at the event.

A Snell rated helmet (SA2010, SA2015 or SA2020) is required. NO MOTORCYCLE OR DOT RATED HELMETS WILL BE ALLOWED. If you show up with one, you will be required to rent one from us. Drivers must be at least 18 years old or older and possess a valid state issued driver's license. No passengers or ride-a-longs during this event. Drivers must wear long pants and no open-toed shoes are allowed. If your restraint system is a 5 point, racing type harness, a HANS device or other head and neck restraint MUST be used, NO EXCEPTIONS

PBIR is committed to the health and well-being of our drivers and our staff. In compliance with the current COVID-19 health directives regarding Social Distancing, should this event run as scheduled we will not be able to provide food or beverages during the event. Please be sure bring your own provisions.

For drivers with limited or no track day experience, we will have coaches available for consultation as well as on-track observation along with outdoor classroom sessions. For questions, please contact Adam Ricardel /

Track Prepped BMW M235i's are available for rent. Please contact Adam Ricardel /