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Lock City Drift
Lock City Drift

Street Series Round 2!

Fri Jun 02, 2023
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Lock City Drift
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Presented by Drift HQ!

Event Details

With Taylor Walrath taking the win in round one, will he be able to repeat by taking home another win? Get your tickets here to be able to compete with 31 other top drivers in New England and test their skills against each on the skid-pad!. Inspired by D1 Street Legal competitions, rear tires are restricted to 235 width and other rules listed below. Each competition offers a cash prize and drivers earn points towards the overall standings. The series culminates in a final competition where the top drivers compete for the grand prize. With its intense competition and challenging layouts, Street Series is a must-drive event for anyone looking to test their skills against the top drivers in the north east. All Street Series events will take place at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park, either on the clubhouse circuit or the skid pad.

Street series 2023 is presented by Drift HQ

Judged in sections: entry, corners, snaps
D1 Street Legal Inspired - Grassroot level competition
No Cars or Drivers competing in a professional point series allowed to compete
32 Driver Grid Style, Random qualifying
235 REAR Tire Rule (no front tire restriction)
Rolling Start (2 Clubhouse & 2 Skidpad events
Draw of straws random qualifying
Car must have 75% interior. Carpet, door cards,dash, seats, center console. Exceptions to be made if roll cage prevents particular interior part to be installed
Car must start competition with all body panels and bumpers
Street Series windshield banner required
Meets current Lock City Tech Requirements

Style / Flow
Line and speed from lead car
Proximity and drift from chase car
Heavy angle on deceleration (slow down hard) – Brakes encouraged
Shallow on acceleration (fast)
Smooth transition between varying angle within drift
Hard transitions with momentum

Tandem transitions encouraged to be simultaneous or chase transitions should be earlier than lead car
Transitions should be as hard/fast as possible
Exit course should be straightened from drift as smooth as possible
Chase car proximity should end equal or closer than start

Half spin, full spin, or any full loss of inertia = driver error resulting in 0
Two tires off pavement or hitting / running over cones = driver error resulting in deduction
Excessive Rev limiter = driver error resulting in deduction
Excessive E-brake usage = driver error resulting in deduction
Correction of front wheels (understeer) = driver error resulting in deduction depending on severity
Left foot braking in lead car if deemed unnecessary = driver error resulting in deduction or 0 if malicious
Bump/crash directly contributing to lead car error = chase driver error resulting in deduction or 0

$15,000 Total payout between 4 Rounds and top 3 Championship winners
$3000 Total per round, Payouts split 1st-5th
Drift HQ Title Sponsor Winners Check and Gift Cards
Stage Wheels- Set of wheels to Series Champion
Function Automotive- Alignment for 1st place winner per round
Swivel Mount
Injector Spa
Chassis Harness
Image Print House
Oakes Garage
Revival Motoring

Thanks to our sponsors: Drift HQ, Stage Wheels, Swivel Mount, Function Automotive, Injector Spa, Image Print House, Whisky Woodcraft, Chassis Harness, Oakes Garage and Revival Motoring!