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Kansas City Drift Association


Sat 05/14/2022

May 14 Drift Day!

Event Details

Pre-registration coming soon. This event has limited drivers spots and will sell out.
Registration available both online & in person day of event. Track hot from 9AM-5PM Saturday May 14.
Pre-registration: $100 for drivers $10 for spectators
At Gate: $15 for spectators
Kids 10 and under are Free
Drivers who wish to be on the Tirestreets Program are eligible for a sponsorship. Please fill this form out and you will be approved as a driver (35% off 651sport, 10 651sport minimum buy, run Tire streets stickers and tires during comp, 6 for 1st, 4 for 2nd,2 for 3rd to drivers participating in competition events)* Drivers who do not wish to buy 10 tires can use Kcdrift15 for 15% off.
Saturday Schedule
Gates open 830AM for Drifters
Gates open 9AM for Spectators
845AM Drivers Meeting
9AM-5PM Track HOT
TECH INSPECTION at Kcdrift Tent. Do not go on track without an approved tech inspection.
Please RESPECT the property as they give us the opportunity to host these awesome events. No standing burnouts. No drifting in pits/parking areas. We have had an incredible year so far in 2022 and look forward to the future! Pit bikes/4 Wheelers are allowed but no drifting/wheelies/burnouts.
VENUE REMINDERS: No media on track (drones allowed). NO TANDEMS. This day will be solo runs ONLY!
*Drivers must be on the program and tire to be eligible for tire prizes.
‼️ 2022 Tech Rules Reminder ‼️
Double check this list before the weekend! Message us with any questions.
1. No excessive rust! We have seen what happens to a rusted out turd when it hits the wall. It ain't pretty!
2. All convertibles are required to have a minimum 4 point roll bar no exceptions.
3. No fluid leaks of any kind.
4. No bent, broken, or excessively loose suspension.
5. Tires should have somewhat decent tread. Don't show up with corded tires...
7. Proper battery tie down.
8. Proper battery terminals
9. No broken windshields. Small cracks in the windshield not obstructing the drivers view are acceptable.
10. Brake pedal should be firm and not fade out
11. Brake and clutch master sock required
12. All cars must have a fire extinguisher within reach of driver.
13. Must have full exhaust or mufflers, strait pipe is discouraged unless you have a turbo
1. Jeans or fire suit. No open toe shoes or shorts!!! This goes for passengers too!
2. DOT or better rated helmet
3. Factory seatbelt or harness. Do not mount your harness on your strut bar. Do some research and arrive to the track with it right!
4. Seat needs to be properly mounted to the floor.
Cageless tandems will be allowed on our slower layouts this year, factory door bars MUST be in place.
Read this list multiple times and come prepared!!!!!