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Freedom Factory, LLC
Freedom Factory, LLC

Freedom Factory National Compact Touring Series

Thu Feb 02, 2023 - Sat Feb 04, 2023



***PLEASE SCROLL TO BOTTOM OF PAGE FOR ALL EVENT DETAILS*** By entering the facility, all spectators and participants agree not to livestream and/or upload video content from the venue during the event. Drones are strictly prohibited unless authorized by Freedom Factory. Those doing so will be asked to leave without a refund.
(in USD)
Friday Pit Pass
Pit Access only for Friday practice. Free Parking in Spectator Lot. NO PIT PARKING.
Pit Access only for Friday practice. Main Grandstands will be closed. Free Parking.
Friday & Saturday Pit Pass
Access to Pits both Friday & Saturday. Free Parking in Spectator Lot. NO PIT PARKING.
This ticket includes access to the Pits (Fri & Sat), Pit side Grandstand seating (Fri & Sat), and Main Grandstand seating (Sat).
Friday & Saturday Kids (Ages 3-12) Admission
Grandstand seating. Ages 2 and under are free.
Must be accompanied by an adult.
Saturday Adult General Admission
Grandstand Seating. Pit Access not included.
Free Spectator Parking
Saturday Adult Pit Pass
Access to Pits and Grandstands. Free Parking in Spectator Lot. NO PIT PARKING.
This ticket includes access to the Pits, Pit side Grandstand seating, and Main Grandstand seating. Children with a Kids (Ages 3-12) Admission ticket can access the pits with a Pit Pass Adult.
Saturday Kids (Ages 3-12) Admission
Grandstand seating. Ages 2 and under are free.
Must be accompanied by an adult.
Overnight RV and Camping Pass (No Hookups)
Friday and Saturday Night Spectator Camping Pass **This does not include your event admission*
This Overnight RV and Camping Pass allows you to stay on Freedom Factory property Friday and Saturday night. You must leave the property Sunday by 12:00 PM. Sites are primitive, no hookups. You will have access to Porta Potties, hand wash stations, and dumpster for your trash. Pump out information will be provided to you upon request. You must arrange and pay for these services with the sanitation company. You will be responsible for your trash and keeping your area clean, as you found it upon arrival. **No open fires permitted. No Pit Bikes, Dirt Bikes, Quads, SXS, or Golf Carts allowed.**
Sport Compact Tech Card
This includes Fri & Sat driver admission and practice on Friday. Drivers Meeting (must be on time) at tech shed 1:45PM.
Sport Compact Rules Engine: ENGINE and TRANSMISSIONS Four- or Six-cylinders engines only. No super or turbochargers are allowed. No chemical power adders of any kind (nitrous oxide, benzene, nitromethane, etc.) are allowed. Four-cylinder engines may be pushrod, SOHC, or DOHC. OEM stock variable cam timing is allowed on all four cylinders displacing 2.5 liters or less only. Maximum displacement is 2.5 on all four-cylinder engines. Six-cylinder engines must be SOHC or pushrod only. The maximum displacement for six cylinders is 3.5 liters. Cars must use an OEM engine type and brand matching the make of the car (Example: any Honda Civic engine in a Honda Accord is allowed). Cylinder heads must be a stock type casting for the engine type and original displacement used (Example: No aftermarket heads). No engine swaps of non-stock engine types from other makes or models of vehicles are allowed. (Example: A V6 truck engine in a Dodge Neon is not allowed). The throttle body must be attached to the intake manifold at the stock location. Single overhead cam cars will be allowed aftermarket intakes and dual overhead cam cars will have to run stock intakes for the engine make. No fabricated manifold plenums are allowed. No mixing and matching of VTEC heads/blocks. 16V max cam lift .500 8V max cam lift .550. 16V stock intake manifold, 8V any intake manifold. Headers allowed. Any Throttle Body Any Injector 350 CFM MAX CARB. No antifreeze. Transmission: Transmission must match chassis manufacturer Exhaust: 3” max exhaust. Weight Rule: SOHC 2150. DOHC 2250, 6 CYL FWD and K-Series 2450, Maximum Weight rule 2750. 55% Left Side Percentage FWD or RWD allowed Width Rule: 73 inch width measured at the outside bead. Tires: Hoosier racing tires only 790 or 800 compounds. No Tire Softener Suspension: Must use factory style suspension, no switching to 3 link/4 link/or dbl wishbone if not factory equipped Aftermarket A-Arms permitted for camber adjustment Lowering/Racing Springs Allowed Coilovers Allowed, NO DAMPING ADJUSTMENT ALLOWED Body Rules: Body: All exterior trim, including lights, body moldings, mirrors, etc... must be removed. All cars are required to have a front bumper cover, hood, both front fenders, windshield, all doors, (2 or 4 depending on model) both quarter panels, deck lid (must enclose trunk area), and a rear bumper cover. Pillars A and C must remain stock. Stock or stock appearing body panels must be used. Factory rear quarters mandatory aluminum doors and front fenders permitted. Stock appearing bumpers and covers, including made for oval racing or aftermarket covers, may be used if the shape, size, or style resembles the factory parts. Downforce, shovel, or dirt late model bumper covers are not allowed. Doors must be bolted or welded shut. Doors may be skinned. Safety: 4 point cage is mandatory. The main cage must be a minimum 1.5x.095 Front and Rear Piping recommended Tails must be closed in Must have a front windshield that can be glass or Lexan. All other glass must be removed. No Right side windows Quarter and Rear windows permitted Must have a fire extinguisher Must have racing seat, Full containment recommended Must have 5 point belts minimum within 3 years certified Must have window net within 3 years All fuel lines must be marked if in cabin must be enclosed Fuel cells recommended must have their own brackets and cans. All lead must be painted white with car number HANS, NecksGen, or similar device is recommended. Must be certified no older 4 years old. A Snell SA-approved helmet with no earlier than a SA2010 certification is required and must still have a certification tag inside. Helmets must be always worn while on the racing surface. NO Snell M rated (motorcycle) or dirt bike helmets will be allowed. Head Sock or Helmet Skirt is highly recommended. Drivers are required to wear a flame retardant SFI rated driving suit, in clean and sound condition with no tears present. Flame retardant racing gloves and shoes are also required. NO mechanic gloves. Spotters are allowed with radio communication with drivers. Spotter or driver must have race receiver which is mandatory. (454.0000) Please Contact Travis or Andy only into regarding the rules. Ask before you assume anything. Contact Information: National Compact Touring Series Andy Jach 312-722-4433 (Text Only) Email: [email protected] Carolina Mini Stock Challenge Series Travis Provost 252-725-9287 (Text Only) Email: [email protected]
Approval Required
Florida Crown Vic Tech Card
This includes Fri & Sat driver admission and practice on Friday. Drivers Meeting (must be on time) at tech shed 1:45PM.
Freedom Factory 2023 Ford Crown Vic Rules: **no phones or communication devices in car with the exception of Raceciever for Track official one-way communication. ***Track reserves the right to swap computers amongst competitors at any given time. A. SPIRIT OF THE RULES – The creation of an affordable, entry-level way to enter stockcar oval and figure 8 racing. Keeping the cars very stock is the priority. Changes not listed in these rules are not allowed. B. CARS – Only the Ford Crown Vic, Mercury Grand Marquis, or Lincoln Town Car 1995 and newer car. C. DRIVERS – Must wear a clearly-labeled helmet that meets or exceeds the 2010 SA Snell or SFI 31.2 standards. Fire suit, racing shoes and racing gloves are mandatory. The use of an approved neck brace or Hans style device is highly recommended. D. CAR NUMBER – number must be officially registered. Numbers must appear on both front doors and on the roof. Door and roof numbers shall be a minimum of 18” tall and 3” in line thickness. Numbers must contrast in color (light vs dark) from car color. The roof number needs to be facing the passenger side of the E. TECH – Car must go thru inspection at its first visit to the track. After each feature the top 3 finishers and any other cars selected will go to tech. Those drivers and 2 crew members can assist with tech on those cars. F. CHEATING – 1st offense will bring driver and car disqualification from that event as well as both being suspended from the next event. A 2nd offense will bring a driver ban. DRIVE TRAIN: A. ENGINE – Must remain an entirely stock 4.6L SOHC engine. Manifold stock. Air filter stock. - AC compressor, lines, and ac/heater core box in engine compartment may be removed. B. RADIATOR – Must contain water only. C. BATTERY – May remain in stock location or battery may be moved inside drivers compartment and must be securely mounted and covered. D. FUEL KILL SWITCH – In rear of deck or behind drivers roll cage or kill all switch if battery is relocated. E. EXHAUST – Muffler is required. Exhaust is 2-1/2" max. No X, H, or y pipes. Pipes must go beyond the driver area and exit to the side or rear. Catalytic converter may be replaced with pipe F. TRANSMISSION – Must remain entirely stock. G. REAR END – Must remain entirely stock. Factory gear only 2.73-3.73 ratios only. No aftermarket lockers. You may weld the spider gears or use factory posi. 2002 and older cars may use 4.10 and numerically lower ratios. INTERIOR: A. ROLL CAGE – maximum of a 4-point cage with 1 3⁄4 .095 tubing with 4 curved door bars on the driver’s side and 4 curved door bars on passenger side to be eligible to race figure 8's. Straight bars can be used on the passenger side for oval racing only. Must have a foot bar under the driver's feet that extends from bottom of left "A" post to bottom of right A post of roll cage to be eligible to race figure 8's. Must have a bar centered over transmission tunnel that connects the foot bar to the dash bar, a centered bar from the dash bar to the halo over drivers head and a centered bar from the halo to the hoop behind the driver’s seat to be eligible to race figure 8's. Must have a bar that connects left and right legs of hoop behind driver’s seat just above the driveshaft tunnel and another one welded at approximately half the distance from the top of driveshaft tunnel to the roof. The rear hoop behind the driver’s seat must have an "x" from top left corner of hoop to bottom right leg of hoop and from the top right corner of hoop to the bottom left leg of hoop to be eligible to race figure 8's. Must have a diagonal bar from bottom right front A post leg of roll cage to the mid mounted bar behind driver’s seat bar that is to be welded at what would be the center of the "x" in the hoop behind driver’s seat to be eligible to race figure 8's. Cage must be welded to the frame and not the floor pan. A driver’s door plate is recommended. No offset cages. All roll cages must be painted. B. SEAT & BELTS – A racing seat is required along with a 5-point racing harness. Belts can be no older that 3 years past the clearly marked manufacturer dates on them. C. WINDOW NET – A properly mounted window net is mandatory and must be used at all times on track. D. STEERING COLUMN – Must remain stock. Adding of a quick disconnect steering wheel is allowed. E. WINDSHIELD – Must remain stock or Lexan or metal screen (2 half inch bars in front of driver for protection if running screen) and strapped in place. All other glass must be removed. All mirrors must be removed. F. DASH – Must remain stock. All airbags in the entire car must be removed. G. PEDALS – Must remain stock. H. BALLAST – No adding of any weight to the entire car. Track can add weight to any competitor at any time EXTERIOR: A. SUSPENSION – No altering of the suspension including sway bar links. No spacers of any kind. No air ride. No cutting, no heating, or no lowering of springs. Shocks and springs can only be replaced by same stock parts or OEM replacements. Front and rear springs must match coil for coil, free height, and wire diameter. (can cut two 2” holes above rear shocks to access top shock nut). B. CASTER & CAMBER – You may adjust as factory adjustments allow. May run aftermarket camber bolts (only Moog Pt#K100094 or other aftermarket equivalent manufacture C. TIRES – All season tires only. These tire sizes only 235/55/17, 225/60/16, and 215/70/15. No high performance tires. No directional tires. Nothing under 350 tread wear or any tire that cost $125.00 or more. No autocross tires. No tire soaking or treating. D. WHEELS – Must be steel stock wheels. All 4 wheels must be the same size and offset. No wheel spacers. No offset wheels on cars 2003 and newer. 2002 and older cars may use dodge charger factory 17-inch steel wheels. E. BUMPERS – May use 1.75" pipe front bumper. 8" stub out from frame of car and bumper must be looped back into frame. one top loop is permitted with no bracing of any kind. no square tubing. if the bumper does not conform to these rules, you will be forced to cut the bumper off and race without one for the night. F. HOOD/TRUNK – Must have hood type pins for easy access by track officials. No bolting down. H. MAJOR INFRACTIONS - If you have been caught for any performance enhancing computers, performance aftermarket parts, the car and the driver will be banned.
Approval Required
Florida Mod Mini Tech Card
This includes Fri & Sat driver admission and practice on Friday. Drivers Meeting (must be on time) at tech shed 1:45PM.
MOD MINI CLASS RULES - 2022-2023 If the rules do not say you can do it, then don’t do it! Be sure to check the General Rules. All interpretations of rules by a Speedway Management or Speedway Technical Official are final. UNAWARENESS OR IGNORANCE IS NO EXCUSE! ** No 15” wheel designed cars permitted, 3 link cars must add 100 lbs. anywhere to total weight. 1. BODY May be constructed of steel, aluminum, or fiberglass. Must have 4’’ ground clearance, body and frame included – measured with the driver out of the car. Front windshield required, LEXAN mandatory no glass or Plexiglas Rear window permitted. Must have 14’’ opening from door to roof. Side windows no longer than 10’’ measured at corner of door and roof post. Bumper measurement from ground to center of main bar will be MINIMUM of 16’’ MAXIMUM 19’’. Nose piece optional Rear window optional bracing on inside only. Spoilers, maximum 6’’ in height by 60’’ in width. No side boards or spoiler sides. 2.WEIGHT MINIMUM WEIGHT FOR ALL CARS IS 2000 LBS. 1 lb. per cc for engine being used 2000 engine= 2000 lbs. 2200 engine= 2200lbs. 2300 engine= 2300lbs. 55% left side weight with driver, after race (zero tolerance) Front wheel drive cars may not have more than 58% front weight after race (ZERO TOLERANCE) Car with stock floor pan, stock firewall, rear kick up panel with K members in stock location, stock rear end mount and stock rear suspension mounting points will be allowed a 50 LBS weight deduction. In order to keep the class competitive. Weight may be added to any dominant car in increment of 50 lbs. All ballast must be attached by two ½’’ bolt and be painted white with car number on it No car over 2500 lbs. (FOR SAFETY REASONS) 3. ROLL CAGE/CHASSIS All lead, and mounting bolts must adhere to ride height rule! Main roll cage must be constructed with a minimum of 1 ½ round steel tubing .095 wall Bars must be welded to frame and have a minimum of 4 door bars on driver side. Recommend door bars be plated with minimum1/16 plate or thicker. May use stock frame rail and floor pan or construct chassis Must have stock front cross member. Must use stock lower control arms and spindles Cars with upper control arms may use tubular A arms One-piece sway bar (aftermarket allowed) mounting optional diameter optional Rear suspension must maintain stock configuration. No bump stops, coil binding, or chassis limiting devices! (Mustang must have coil spring with 4 link trailing arms. may use tubular trailing arms Must be stock length. mounts on rear end housing must remain in stock location.) (Pinto must run leaf spring main leaf must be stock length. Slider with wedge bolts OK) 4. SPRINGS Springs must mount in stock location. Coil spring cars may run any coil spring that will fit into bucket. Leaf spring cars may run after market leaf spring, number of leafs optional. Strut cars may use tech approved coil-¬‐over adjusters if came stock with spring on strut. Only one full spring rubber allowed per spring permitted. 5. ENGINE Stock location (1’’ tolerance) 0 deck block, no tolerance Engine and body must be by same manufacturer. Year engine interchangeable Will be measured from the centerline of the rear end to the back of the engine block, Mustangs 89.5 inches, Pinto 88.5 inches. If engine is set back further, 25 lbs. will be added in front of flywheel per inch of setback. Strapped heads and blocks are ok. 6. EXHAUST Exhaust can exit passenger side door at the furthest point of the rear of the door 7. CARBURETOR 4412 Holley or smaller carburetor allowed must pass tech gauges. (No Holley xp 2-barrel carburetors) Spacer/ adapter maximum 1.65’’ including gaskets 8. INTAKE/MANIFOLD Stock OEM intake as originally produced by manufacturer Effective 2023- No Ford Taurus intake manifolds NO porting polishing or cleanup of any kind. Modification allowed where no adapter Is available to mount 4412 Holley (you cannot take advantage of this rule to improve Airflow. And needs to be tech approved) 9. HEAD Stock head for the type of engine used. (i.e., 2000 block/2000 head; 2300 block/2300 head 2.2 block/2.2 head and so on. no m-13-cylinder heads. No porting, polishing, or cleanup of any kind. may be milled. Cylinder head boss may be cut Down for short adjusters (2300). may have 3 angle valve job. (No more than 75 degrees). No pocket porting or cutting under seat. Valve spring pocket may be cut .0100” deeper or may run long valves. (Stock head diameter, stock stem size) Stainless steel valves allowed Only 2 valves per cylinder. NO 4 spark plug heads NO fuel injected heads. No dual overhead cams. 10. PISTONS Any 3-ring flat top piston must run all three rings. (Toyota may run dome piston) max over bore .060 over stock 11. CRANKSHAFT Stock crank for engine used. May be balanced on bottom of counterweight only. No other grinding, polishing, drilling, or lightening of any kind allowed. No knife edge or changing of counterweight profile allowed. 12. RODS Any steel connecting rod permitted. 13. CAMSHAFT Any cam and kit. (No rollers) may run adjustable cam sprocket. 14. FLY WHEEL/CLUTCH/PRESSURE PLATE Fly wheel optional (MUST BE STOCK DIAMERTER) 8 LB. MINIMUM Clutch stock diameter clutch and pressure plate (minimum 7 ½) 15. WHEELBASE Same as car (chassis) used, i.e., pinto. Mustang. So on and so on (1” tolerance) 16. SHOCKS May not run strut and shock combination. Any nonadjustable steel body racing shock or strut is permitted. $150.00 retail price limited for each shock or strut (May be claimed for $150.00) must be paid to tech official within 15 min. of completed race must finish on lead lap. 17. STEERING Steering box and components must be stock and in stock location. (May run Heim ends on outer tie rods) 18. BRAKES Any pedal assembly. Master cylinder or proportion valve set up. No other aftermarket brake parts (caliper, rotors, or drums) No drilled rotors 19. REAR-END Stock for car used (NO custom gear sets. NO quick change) Rear-end cannot be offset May be locked; NO aluminum spools or gold tracks No camber rear ends. Cars with independent rear may not have more than ½ degree of camber. 20. DRIVE SHAFT Steel or aluminum Must have drive shaft loops, within 10 inches of u-joints, also driveshaft must be painted white with car number 21. TRANSMISSION Standard or (automatic with working torque converter) Must be stock OEM and unmodified must be in good working order with reverse And all forward gears. 22. IGNITION One 12-volt battery only Electronic ignition permitted. MSD ignition boxes permitted NO coil packs or crank trigger fired ignitions Must have battery disconnect mounted in quarter window on driver’s side for safety. 23. FUEL/CELL Fuel cell mandatory 12-gal max with foam must have check valve 9’’ minimum ground clearance and rear protection bar minimum of 1 ¼ .095 wall 2 straps minimum of 1’’ in width surrounding the entire fuel cell fuel cell must be bolted in car no rivets no sheet metal screws pump gas or track approved racing gas only. No additives. No alcohol. No electric fuel pump. 24. TIRES/WHEELS Wheels 13” – 8” steel racing wheels Track tires is American Racer 13” tire. Tire Durometer rule 46 minimum.
Approval Required
Pure Stock Tech Card
This includes Fri & Sat driver admission and practice on Friday. Drivers Meeting (must be on time) at tech shed 1:45PM.
Contact National Compact Touring Series regarding rules and payouts.
Approval Required
Thursday Private Test Session
Winter Warm-Up Private Test Session Thursday, February 2nd, 10AM-5PM.
This ticket allows driver, vehicle, and crew members to attend the private test session being held Thursday February 2nd from 10AM-5PM. You have track access the whole day from 10AM-5PM, minus a 30 minute break from 12PM-12:30PM. **Minimum of 20 cars will be needed for this test session**. Final decision on the practice will be made no later than Monday January 30th.
Approval Required
National Compact Touring Series will be returning for the 2nd Annual Winter Warm-Up.

Event Details

The best compact drivers from across the country are set to invade the Freedom Factory once again! The National Compact Touring Series, Midwest Dash Series, and Carolina Mini Stock Challenge Series will all make a showing, along with Cleetus Mcfarland. This year we've added the Florida Mod Mini and Florida Crown Vic classes to the program. We'll also have a couple entertaining exhibitions taking place during the event.

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Friday, February 3rd Schedule
Pit Gates Open 1PM
Open Practice 5PM - 9PM
Facility Secured 10PM

Saturday, February 4th Schedule
Pit Gates Open 11AM
Tech Opens 12PM
Spectator Gate Opens 1PM
Mandatory Drivers Meeting 1:45PM
NCTS Practice #1 2:30PM - 2:55PM
FL Crown Vic Practice 2:55PM - 3:10PM
Florida Mod Mini Practice 3:10PM - 3:25PM
Pure Stocks Practice 3:25PM - 3:40PM
NCTS Practice #2 3:40PM - 4:05PM
Group Qualifying. 4:10PM
FL Crown Vic Group Qualifying 5 Laps
Florida Mod Mini Group Qualifying 5 Laps
Pure Stocks Group Qualifying 5 Laps
NCTS Qualifying 5:15PM
NCTS Single Car Qualifying 2 Laps
Pre-Race / National Anthem 6:50PM
FL Crown Vic Heats 6 Laps
NCTS Heats 6 Laps
Pure Stock Heats 6 Laps
Florida Mod Mini Heats 6 Laps
Drift Exhibition
NCTS D Feature *If Needed* 20 Laps
NCTS C Feature 25 Laps
FL Crown Vic B Feature 20 Laps
Pure Stock B Feature 20 Laps
NCTS B Feature 30 Laps
Burnout Exhibition
Florida Mod Mini A Feature 30 Laps
Pure Stock A Feature 25 Laps
NCTS A Feature 50 Laps
FL Crown Vic A Feature 25 Laps


*By entering the facility, all spectators and participants agree not to livestream and/or upload video content from the venue during the event. Drones are strictly prohibited unless authorized by Freedom Factory. Violators will be asked to leave without a refund.*

For Pay Per View please visit