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Fall SouthernRoots 2018

Sat 10/20/2018



Tickets are no longer available online. Please purchase your tickets at the event venue.

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Fall SouthernRoots 2018 at NKU Welcome Center Parking Garage on October 20th 2018. Go to event page for more details.

Event Details

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**Fall SouthernRoots 2k18**

Yes!! It says October 20th @ 6:00PM-12:00AM MIDNIGHT!!

We are bringing it to the night! We as SouthernRoots wanted to change it up a bit this fall and see how this goes! So come out and hang out with us all night! Will have live music, competitions and many more! RULES still apply like the previous shows! NO BURNOUTS. NO GRILLING. NO ALCOHOL. NO TOBACCO. NKU is a tobacco free campus.

The location will be the same as last year at the NKU Welcome Center Parking Garage, it will be on a Saturday October 20th 2018 from 6:00pm to 12:00AM Midnight!

The Spring SouthernRoots Meet in Bowling Green kicked off the year with a bang, the summer meet in Louisville was a huge success, now let's make the last meet a unforgettable meet for the end of the year in Northern Kentucky!

This year we are bringing many more groups from different regions together for an even bigger Show. Prequel to Summer 2013's Triple crew meet with SoDope Lifestyle, Tailored Lifestyle and SoKy Crew.

With the previous 2 shows being a huge success, we want to keep it going. Like all shows, the word of mouth is the best source. We are hoping to bring local groups as well as all enthusiasts from all walks of life together.

Sponsor/ Group and Company Merchandise booths will be setup up in the designated vendor area.

The website for pre-sale tickets will be up soon!

Show catagories will be judged as follow,

-Best Euro

-Best Import

-Best Domestic

- Best Fitment

- Best Classic

-Best Engine Bay

-Best Trunk Setup

-Best Interior

-Best Static Fitment

-Best Air Fitment

-Best VIP

- Top 15

and of course last but not least Best in Show

The Car Limbo Contest will be held again. But this time, it will be divided into two categories to give everyone a chance of winning.

The first category will have compact cars such as miatas, subcompact cars and low roof cars like Corvettes and NSXs.

The second category will have everyone else.

The second competition will be a loudest exhaust contest. This will be held in a tournement style knock out competition pitting two cars together and ONLY allowing the crowd judge who is louder. (Hope you have some fans in the crowd!!!!)

Just like the previous meets, please

Please be respectful of the property and the public. Lets show them the respect that they deserve.

Know of a group or a company that we missed? Just contact Eric Pasith , Hunter Madison , Ryan Miller , Zachary Fowler , or Martin Galang

This is a public event, help share, post, and get the word out!!! Lots of caravans from NKY/ Cinci, Somerset, Owensboro, Lexington, and Nashville Areas.

Any and all support is much appreciated. If you know a local group/company help spread the word, and every individual out there willing to come out and have a good time.

We plan events like this around our every-day lives. Through the organizing, communicating, and stress wrapped together, we don't pocket a dollar. These events and shows are for everyone that can RESPECT that method.



Event photos coming soon...