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Auto Owners of America is an organization that tightens the common thread of horsepower & design to teach, promote, assist, empower and encourage the multi-cultures of auto owners. From industry auto shows, media broadcasting, and reoccurring car club meets designed to "place you on stage" (see build-a-show), AOA has an opportunity for you. *Meet industry pros at WRENCHED - the last Saturday of each month at the only greases monkey interactive cars & coffee @ Anaheim GardenWalk.



 Privacy Conduct & Liability - Show & Spectate at Your Own Risk

Privacy, Conduct & Release of Liability
Facilities and Venues

Privacy: These rules and Release of Liability are posted at all locations for review. Your privacy is of utmost importance. At no time will personal information gathered be sold and or provided to any party for use, review, or access other than Auto Owners Of America or event facility personnel. Personal contact information is used strictly to provide you with Auto Owners Of American or facility event information.

Caution & Security: Auto owners and spectators enter and participate at your own risk. Security cameras and license plate recognition systems are on site. Such systems operate to assist with safety, and providing an efficient automobile exit from arrival to departure. No information retrieved is provided to, sold, or disseminated to any party unless required by law and to such law enforcement. If you choose to enter and or spectate on facility grounds, including but not limited to general parking, registered auto owners or clubs, and competitions, you are accepting responsibility for your automobile, and occurrences thereof.

Responsibility: If you choose to enter and or spectate on facility grounds, including but not limited to general parking, registered auto owners or clubs, and competitions, you are accepting responsibility for your automobile, and occurrences thereof.

Liability: Attending or spectating at this location is done so on a volunteer basis. There is no promise or certainties of placement, awards, or like guarantees other than what has been confirmed by your host. By entering the location, you are acknowledging and accepting the conditions as they are. Location owners, managers, Auto Owners of America (AOA), and or any affiliated parties assume no liability for accidents, physical slips or falls, theft, damage, or loss of use to any vehicle, equipment or articles left in a vehicle; including vehicles parked overnight.

Indemnification: Whether or not an event transactions contemplated hereby shall be consummated, the signing party whether ORGANIZER, VENDOR, VOLUNTEERS, OR SPTECTAOR agrees to defend, indemnify, pay and hold harmless agents, officers, directors, trustees, partners, employees, attorneys and affiliates of any Auto Owners Of American and event facility owners (collectively called the "INDEMNITEES") from and against any and all other liabilities, obligations, losses, damages, penalties, actions, judgments, suits, claims, costs, expenses and disbursements of any kind or nature whatsoever (including, without limitation, the reasonable fees and disbursements of counsel for such Indemnitees in connection with any investigative, administrative or judicial proceeding commenced or threatened by any Person, whether or not any such Indemnitee shall be designated as a party or a potential party thereto), whether direct, indirect or consequential and whether based on any federal, state or foreign laws, statutes, rules or regulations (including, without limitation, securities and commercial laws, statutes, rules or regulations and Environmental Laws), on common law or equitable cause or on contract or otherwise, that may be imposed on, incurred by, or asserted against any such Indemnitee, in any manner relating to or arising out of this event agreement.

Private & Public Use: This is a private facility open to the public. Using this facility for auto shows, meets, photo or video productions or like use without approval will result in trespassing, and being placed on the expelled list thus not permitted to show in future auto events. For facility use during non-show hours please contact your AOA host no less than one (1) day in advance for a registered time.

Safety and Health First: See posted health, safety, and rules including the importance to sustain all health & safety protocol for your benefit. Your choice of parking within designated areas are done so at your own risk; and by doing so constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions. This facility may be equipped with 24 hour security, surveillance cameras, and License Plate Recognition systems (see disclosure posted) but does not constitute for liability coverage and or assumption of claims. Any and all information gathered by such equipment is kept by and only by facility management. At no time will any information whether deemed personal or non be given to, sold, or released to any outside parties for any reason unless otherwise required by law.

Conduct: AOA and show hosts provide an experience for auto enthusiasts, clubs, and meets alike to utilize. Profanity, violence, intimidation, racism, sexual behavior and or suggestions, smoking of any kind within the parking facility (see designated areas), and both onsite skateboarding and bicycle riding are not permitted; including the forbidden of alcoholic beverages unless provided within a restaurant or entertainment venue within. All food and beverage must be kept in designated areas outside of the show facility. Violations will result in being expelled from the facility and required to leave the premises. Health and safety measures in line with COVID conditions, Prop 65, and ADA requirements are required in efforts to keep everyone safe. Help us keep this a safe, educational, and encouraging multi-auto-cultural environment for everyone.

Behave Like A Pro: Reckless driving on site such as but not limited to burn-outs, donuts, two-stepping, racing, drifting, engine revving, and like behaviors that can lead to property damage and or personal hazards are not permitted. If any such activities are included in an auto competition your host will inform you of the times and locations that select activities may be permitted if at all.

Auto Club Owners/Principals: Auto club members and participants are responsible for their actions. Auto Club owners to maintain cooperation from their club members, personnel, vendors, and like participants in such clubs at all times. Questions or concerns about any requests to leave the premises can be addressed to your Club owner, an AOA personnel and or facility staffing present on site.

Individual Auto Owners: Not cooperating with both facility and auto show rules and regulations will result in you being required to leave the premises. Such requirement may be suggested to you by a Club owner, AOA personnel and or facility ownership. Any lack of cooperation may also result in your return to the said facility and specific show being prohibited. Questions or concerns about any requests to leave the premises can be addressed to a AOA personnel and or facility staffing present on site.