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Alamo City Motorplex

Motorplex Index Shakedown & TNT

Fri 09/21/2018



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Motorplex Index Shakedown & TNT

Event Details

. The Motorplex Index Shakedown is one of the most exciting race series of the year. If you like street cars & bikes you must come see it. It is the ultimate race for those who are new to the sport to get skills dialed in. With nine classes of races cars of all types and speeds compete in an index style of racing. Each car is grouped within a second of each other (7-14 seconds) making the launch and reaction time crucial. With so many classes this is a great event to hone racing skills in a racing environment. The Motorplex Index Shakedown is often the gateway for many racers to our Street Outlaws, Saturday Night Thunder & The Chase race series.

If you are racing this is your chance to feel the thrill of going down the strip and learning the ropes. Testing starts early and each racer is given a Motorplex Index Shakedown sticker that matches their best et time. When racing is ready to begin cars are paired with other drivers who have matching stickers. The winners move up the ladder while losers return to the Race Your Hotrod program to get more practice.

This family friendly event is casual, playful in a laid back environment.

-Gate/Tech opens at 6pm
-lanes open @ 7pm
-MIS first call @8pm
-MIS first qual @ 830
-MIS first round @ 9
-MIS second round @ 930
-MIS third round @ 10
-MIS finals at 1030
-last call to lanes @ 1130
-track closes @ midnight

Keys to the race:
Reaction Time
Positive Attitude
Ability to Learn Quickly

$10 Tech Card (includes Race Your Hotrod, no extra cost to enter Motorplex Index Shakedown)
$10 Fans/Crew (kids under 10 free)

Racing Specs:
Type: Index
Time: Displayed
Tree: 400 Pro Tree
Length: Mile
Buy In: None, must have a Tech Card
Award: Winner of each time class receive a plaque (3 car minimum in each class)
Open To: Cars/Trucks/Motorcycles
Time: 6pm-Midnight

Its BYOB. All Coolers and ice chests $10. Ea. As many and as big or small bring them all.

ATTENTION: ALL RACERS IN THE PIT AREA! The SPEED LIMIT is 5 FIVE MPH! We have small children in the pits as well as other spectators and racers that can be hurt if your speeding in the pits. You do not want that on your conscious. Thanks in advance for respecting others lives!


Event photos coming soon...